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Weber Q Frequently Asked Questions

Your Ultimate Weber Q Mastery Guide Gathering around a sizzling barbecue with loved ones is an Aussie tradition […]

Weber’s 10 Best Accessories and Why You Need Them

Weber’s sole focus is barbequing. They have been researching and developing their products for 65 years and only […]

Outdoor Kitchens: What You Need to Know

As Australians we live and breathe the great outdoors which has led to design concepts going to a […]

Crank Up the BBQ, It’s Finals Time!

September – Grand Final Month It’s finals time and whether you’re hosting the local football club end of […]

Make the most of your Outdoor Space in Winter

During summer we spend so much time outside. We play, we entertain, we cook and then, at the […]

Meet the Weber Genesis II

Where the Weber Genesis began The Weber Genesis II is one of the most popular additions to the […]

Celebrating BBQ’s – Festivals across Australia in 2019

BBQ festivals in Australia So you’ve caught the BBQ bug and all you can think about is what […]

Meet the iGrill 3: and why you need one in your life

The BBQ iGrill 3: a must have accessory Are you sick of relying on your best guess when […]

Outdoor Fireplace vs Fire Pit vs Electric Heater

Choosing your outdoor heating can be challenging. Things to take into consideration before making a decision include safety, […]

Deconstruction of a Weber Kettle

History of the Weber Kettle The Weber Kettle was the first outdoor BBQ grilling system invented by George […]

Calendar of National Food Days

National Pizza Day 9th Feb Pizza started in the 10th century in a little town in Italy called […]

Meatstock 2019

Meatstock Festival Melbourne 2019 Where:       Melbourne ShowgroundsWhen:        23rd and 24th March 2019 What is the Meatstock […]

Weber Summit Charcoal Grill Enters the Kamado BBQ Market

Recognised as the most well-known charcoal grill manufacturer in the world, the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is our […]

Weber Recipes Part 2 – Our Top 10 Continued

We continue with offering up our top 10 recipes for the Weber BBQ, with our final instalment. Read […]

Aussie Christmas, Summer & Weber BBQ – The Perfect Combination

The Great Aussie Christmas Lunch Food on Christmas day in the past had Australians sitting down to a […]

Kamado Style Charcoal Grill – Primo Grill

The Primo Grill Offers A Kamado Style Cooking Option Today’s kamado grills are an adaptation of the popular […]

Our Top 10 Weber Recipes – Part 1

Over time it has been with great joy and a hungry stomach that we have uploaded all of […]

The Electric BBQ Has Arrived – Weber Pulse

Weber has reintroduced the simplicity and versatility of the electric BBQ. Weber has given you all the traditions and […]

So How Do You Cook the Best Cuts of Steak?

Steak. An Australian favourite on the BBQ.  There is so much controversy over how to cook a steak […]

BBQ Cookbook – Building Your Collection

In recent decades the trend towards outdoor living and dining has gained considerable momentum. There are many different […]

Charcoal Cooking – The Ultimate BBQ Taste

The Different ways of Charcoal Cooking There are several different forms of cooking on a Weber.  You can […]

Weber Specialist and What it Means?

Weber sell the best BBQs in Australia.  They have a dedicated team and their dealers and distributors are […]

3 Awesome Outdoor Heating Options for Home

The Firepit  Fire pits are thousands of years old.  They were a central part of human life as […]

Digital Meat Thermometer – Do I Need One?

A Digital Meat Thermometer Could Save Lives! So Why Do You Need a Meat Thermometer? Meat thermometers are […]

Building the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Area

Entertaining Outdoors – The Great Aussie Passion One of the great advantages of living in Australia is when […]

Get Things Started with Looftlighter

What’s the best way to fire up your Charcoal BBQ? It all starts with Looftlighter Looftlighter is the […]

Melbourne Meatstock BBQ Festival

Melbourne Showgrounds 17th and 18th March 2018 The battle of the tongs continued over the 17th and 18th of March 2018 at […]

Smartfire puts you in charge of your BBQ

What is a Smartfire BBQ controller? It appears everything can now be operated from your phone, so why […]

The Footy Season and BBQinq

Now there is a quintessential Australian term.  Football, whether it be AFL or NRL is a day-long event!  […]

Pizza on Weber® Check this out!

When we think of Weber BBQs we think about grilling some meat.  If you visit the Weber recipe […]

The Ultimate BBQ Checklist

The Entertainment and BBQ Checklist – Ready for Summer? You’ve no sooner put the cover back on the outdoor […]

Weber Awarded Canstar #1 BBQ Review in 2017

If you have a Weber you probably already feel as though you’ve already won.  There are some solid […]

Outdoor furniture can help you spend more time outside

Remember last Summer you promised yourself some new outdoor furniture at the end of the season.  Oops!  You’ve […]

Summer Fun – Are You Ready to Entertain?

Our favourite combination …. SUMMER FUN!  Don’t we just love living in the great outdoors in Australia?  Food, […]

BBQ Events – Don’t miss the next one!

BBQ Events to challenge our BBQ skills! Fancy watching some of the best BBQers going round? Check out […]

Cooking with Alcohol – Facts & Myths?

Cooking with Alcohol back in the day! When Nana is serving up the boiled fruit cake at Christmas […]

Shelta Regis Umbrella – The Perfect Choice for your Backyard

The Shelta Regis umbrellas are now available at Heat and Grill and are one of Shelta’s premium umbrellas.  […]

Great Aussie BBQ & Footy Finals

The Great Aussie BBQ is synonymous with Footy Finals It’s that time of year again and preparations for […]

Why choose Weber Accessories?

Weber barbeques are very unique and so are the Weber accessories you kit it out with.  This combination […]

Weber sizes – Which one is right for your?

Weber Q Series Baby Weber Q 1000 Baby Weber Q Premium 1200 Weber Q 2000 Weber Q Premium […]

Enhance your Outdoor Living with these Hot Tips – Infographic

Just because it’s winter time, it doesn’t mean you can’t get outside. With a few awesome accessories, you […]

Barbecue Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of the Great Australian BBQ

How’s your Barbecue Etiquette? Australians are a pretty relaxed bunch. We like our sunshine and our no-hassle way […]

BBQ safety in the home

Australians love their barbequing. If there is a sausage to sizzle or a steak to grill, we will […]

Why buy an infrared heater? It’s not just about saving money…

Melbourne is the king of outdoor entertainment but we also get hit with some pretty chilly winter blasts. […]

Patio Heaters – Comparing Gas and Electric Heaters

Patio heaters will prevent the cold weather spoiling your day and drive your guests inside, or even worse, […]

Décor Tips for Large Patios

If you’ve got a large patio space, it can be really exciting yet daunting to decorate. You don’t […]

Gather Round the Fire – Ways to Design Your Fire Pit

It’s the perfect ambience when there’s a gathering around a fire pit. There’s music, warmth, maybe a few […]

Which Outdoor Furniture Materials are Right for You?

Outdoor furniture not only comes in a range of styles and colours but it also comes in a […]

Style Your Outdoor Space for Summer

The fresher and more inviting your outdoor space looks this summer, the more likely you, your friends and […]

UV Protection for Your Outdoor Furniture

There’s nothing worse than putting time and money into your outdoor furniture only to find that it quickly needs replacing due to sun damage. Good quality furniture will take longer to wear from the sun but if you take a few preventative measures, you can get it lasting even longer.

Spruce up your tired outdoor area for summer

Summer is upon us. You can smell the sunscreen in the air and you can hear the summer […]

Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave

If you’re lacking a room in your house that’s just for you, there’s no need to despair. Think […]

Latest BBQ Trends & Tips for Summer 2017

Barbeques will always be the Aussie food icon of summer. They never wane in style and every summer […]

DIY Outdoor Backyard Ideas

Blending your indoor and outdoor space to be comfortable and stylish can definitely bring about a beautiful flow-on […]

5 Cool Ways to Cook Outside

Cooking outside is the ultimate way to entertain in warmer weather. Not only does it set the atmosphere, […]

Patio Umbrellas : How to Choose the right features

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing good outdoor furniture, including patio umbrellas. Quality is […]

Built In BBQ – Your Backyard’s Centrepiece

Outdoor entertaining is truly enjoyable. In the warmer months when the sun lasts forever and you can enjoy […]

Is Grilling Really Bad for You?

Today, Heat & Grill your Weber BBQ specialist in Richmond is going to be exploring the science around […]

6 Meals You Need to Learn to Cook on the Barbie

Not owning a BBQ is almost un-Australian. Whether it’s a Weber, a built-in BBQ, a wood fired or […]

The Complete Backyard Entertaining Guide

Your friends are chatting, the kids are playing, and your beautiful fire pit is burning bright. From across […]

Summer Grilling: Charcoal vs. Gas Barbeques

Ever since the dawn of the modern day Barbecues the debate has raged – which is better, gas […]

New to Smoking Meats? What You Need to Know

There’s more than one way to cook up some meat. While the traditional method is to grill in […]

Outdoor Backyard Entertaining? Here’s What’s On the Menu

Do you have an outdoor event coming up? Maybe a few friends and family are coming around for […]

Which Fire Pit is Best for You?

Keeping your yard warm in winter is important  and one quick and easy way to keep it warm […]

Weber vs Primo – Which BBQ is Right for You?

Today we’re going to be doing a barbeque face off. In one corner we have the range of […]

How to Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round

Backyards are made for entertainment, there’s no doubt about it.  There’s nothing like firing up the Weber BBQ, […]

Getting Back to Our Roots with Outdoor Kitchens

A long time ago our ancestors lived under the stars and the sky. Today, we have just a […]

The Ultimate Backyard for Entertaining

We all work hard and that’s what makes some time on the weekends and after work all the […]

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