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Get Things Started with Looftlighter

firing up a bbq

What's the best way to fire up your Charcoal BBQ?

It all starts with Looftlighter

Looftlighter is the most instantaneous firelighter on the market.  There is no gas and no flame.  It is an electrical product that produces a flame to ignite a charcoal burn within 60 seconds of being applied to the fuel.  If that wasn’t enough, its hook and stand also act as a built-in bottle opener!  Its big secret is that it uses superheated air.  However, the product will also be cool to the touch seconds after use.  This is not only a benchmark in design, it is a world first in the art of fire lighting.

What are the benefits of a Looftlighter?

  • The Looftlighter firelighter starts charcoal in 60 seconds
  • No chemicals or gas are required to ignite your fire
  • It is easy and safe to use
  • There is no naked flame
  • There is no mess created by the Looftlighter itself
  • It is portable
  • It can be used to start a charcoal grill or a wood fire
  • It also comes with a 2-year warranty

How does the Looftlighter start charcoal?

The Looftlighter firelighter starts a charcoal fire in 60 seconds without any chemicals.  To effectively use the Looftlighter, you make a pile of charcoal and have it touching the fuel then press the start button.  When you see some glowing or a little bit of sparking on the charcoal, pull the device back a little to allow for airflow but continue to hold the device in the same area.

How does the Looftlighter light a wood fire?

The first thing you should do before lighting the fire is to place the Looftlighter in an upward position in the chimney and turn it on for about 30 seconds.  This will get the draft going in the chimney creating air flow to allow for quicker ignition of your wood fire.  Build your fire as normal but only using one or two pieces of paper between the kindling.  Once you have built the initial fire, angle the Looftlighter to the paper, it will have a fairly immediate ignition.  Then pull back the Looftlighter but still angling it into the same area.

Any home with a charcoal BBQ, pizza oven or open fire should own a Looftlighter.

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