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A Diverse Range of Stylish Outdoor Umbrellas

At Heat & Grill, we understand the Australian outdoors. That's why we offer a curated range of umbrellas, ensuring you get style, durability, and protection, all under one roof.

At Heat & Grill, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of stylish, shade providing outdoor umbrellas. Whether you're looking to elevate your outdoor deck, garden, or beach experience with the cool shade of an umbrella canopy, our collection promises quality and elegance for every outdoor space. 

From the sleek design of our garden umbrellas or an umbrella for your outdoor table, to the expansive shade of the Shelta 4m cantilever outdoor umbrella to umbrella bases that will withstand wind and movement, to the convenient and innovative Shelta umbrella wall mount design (making it an ideal choice for smaller areas), our range caters to all your outdoor needs. 
Protecting you from sun and rain, your outdoor lounge furniture and outdoor setting will get used all year with the addition of a shade umbrella. Shop our range and transform your outdoor area into a fashionable oasis.

The Elegance of Cantilever Umbrellas

Experience the luxury and convenience of our cantilever umbrellas. They're extremely versatile and with their portability, easy-to-use mechanisms and expansive shade, they are perfect for those hot summer days by the pool or in the garden. Our cantilever outdoor umbrellas are not only a shade solution but also a statement of style. Their powder-coated aluminium frame ensures durability, making them an ideal choice for your outdoor lifestyle. From freestanding Shelta extra large models to their more compact 220 cm model, you'll find the best cantilever umbrellas in Australia at Heat & Grill.

Beach Days Made Better with Beach Umbrellas

Many of our umbrellas are suited for use not only around your outdoor areas but are also suitable for the beach. And they're not just about style; they're about protection. Crafted to shield you from the Australian sun's harmful UV rays, they ensure you can relax and enjoy the beach safely. With a range of colours and styles to suit your beach day needs, our umbrellas are both functional and fashionable. Don't compromise on safety or style; choose Heat & Grill for your next beach umbrella. Avoid the harsh sun with our outdoor umbrellas, designed for portability, easy erection and most importantly, skin protection. 

Worried About Cleaning up After a Roast?

Some people avoid cooking up a huge meal like a roast because they don't want to face the task of cleaning up afterwards. We can't wash your dishes for you, but we can make the task of cleaning your Weber as easy as possible. Although your Weber is already designed to be easy to clean, with our All Purpose Cleaner, Grill Brushes, Floor Protection Mats, Cookbox Scrapers and more, you'll have everything sparkling clean and be ready to put your feet up or get back to your guests in no time. And if you don't own a Weber, these cleaning products can also be used with any BBQ.

Every umbrella in our collection, from the small beach parasols to the large outdoor cantilevers, is designed with UV protection in mind. Stay safe and shaded, no matter where you are. Our umbrellas are crafted to protect you from harmful UV rays, ensuring that your outdoor activities are both enjoyable and safe. Whether you're lounging by the pool or having an outdoor dining experience, our umbrellas have got you covered.
UV Protection Across the Range
Transform your patio into an outdoor oasis with our range of patio umbrellas. Paired with our outdoor furniture, create the perfect outdoor entertaining space for family and friends. Whether it's a casual outdoor lounge setting or a more formal outdoor dining furniture setup, our umbrellas complement every style and setting. Explore our range and find the perfect umbrella for your patio.
Patio Perfection
Ready to elevate your outdoor lifestyle? Explore our fantastic range of outdoor umbrellas online or visit us in-store: it's never been easier to find what you need. From pool umbrellas and outdoor market umbrellas to large outdoor umbrellas and umbrella stands, our collection is diverse and of the highest quality to protect you from the Australian sun and weather. And remember, with Heat & Grill, you're not just buying an umbrella; you're investing in a fashionable shade solution that lasts. Dive into our range today and find the perfect fit for your outdoor space.
Shop the Range Today - We've Got You Covered
Don't let the sun dictate your outdoor activities. Dive into our range of outdoor umbrellas and find your perfect umbrella today. And don't forget that we sell a huge range of outdoor furniture instore and you can even shop our furniture online, so you're sure to find the perfect outdoor setting to compliment your space - and you'll have the perfect umbrella to match! You'll find everything you need for your outdoor space at Heat & Grill. Shop now!

Parasol Perfection with Heat & Grill

Why Choose Heat & Grill?

Our commitment to quality and variety sets us apart. From the renowned Shelta brand to other premium selections, we ensure every product meets our high standards. Plus, with two convenient Melbourne locations in Richmond and Highpoint, and an easy-to-navigate online store, shopping with us is a breeze. We understand the importance of outdoor living online shopping, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the best products and services, both online and in-store.


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