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Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
with Heat & Grill


Embark on a journey to design and construct your new outdoor kitchen with Heat & Grill. The allure of alfresco dining isn’t complete without a professionally installed outdoor cooking area that’s designed just for you. This guide is your companion in devising a distinctive and efficient outdoor kitchen utilising Weber's innovative build platform. Learn the simplicity behind crafting an outdoor haven that mirrors your culinary style, offering a spectrum of choices from modular outdoor kitchens to integrated BBQs. Delve deeper and follow our guide - it’s your indispensable tool for outdoor kitchen design.

Crafting the Perfect Outdoor Cooking Haven

Ever fantasised about a supreme outdoor haven for cooking, entertaining, and unwinding? Heat & Grill is your partner in turning this vision into reality. We can help you find everything from chic outdoor furniture that enhances your alfresco space, through to cutting-edge cooking appliances like pizza ovens, offering a versatile range for every event. Whether hosting a vibrant summer BBQ, savouring the smoky aroma from your BBQ, or indulging in a tranquil dinner beneath the starlit sky, our outdoor kitchen and alfresco dining products are your ticket to the perfect outdoor living lifestyle.. Craft an alfresco area and outdoor kitchen that’s resilient to the Australian climate with stainless steel burners, an outdoor refrigerator, and a double-door cabinet for effortless access to cooking necessities. With a variety of countertops and outdoor kitchen bundles, your dream outdoor kitchen is within reach.


Step 1: Choose your BBQ

The Weber Family Q Built-In: The Centre of Your Alfresco Kitchen

A built-in Weber Family Q barbecue, with its versatile and high-performing capabilities, is the perfect centrepiece for your BBQ kitchen. Known for its range of cooking options, including grilling, roasting, and baking, the Weber Family Q seamlessly integrates into your outdoor alfresco area, adding convenience and style

Weber Family Q Built-In: The Heart of Your Alfresco Kitchen

The Weber Family Q built-in barbecue is the ideal focal point for your BBQ kitchen, renowned for its versatility and superior performance. With options for grilling, roasting, and baking, the Weber Family Q is a seamless addition to your alfresco space, offering both convenience and elegance

Discover Weber's Summit E-660 & E-460 Built-In BBQs

Indulge in the epitome of alfresco luxury with Weber's Summit E-660 Six Burner and E-460 Four Burner models. These BBQs boast unparalleled performance and extraordinary features, destined to be the showpieces of your outdoor kitchen. Amplify your outdoor culinary and entertainment experience with abundant cooking space and burners that are designed to get the job done. Your cooking will benefit from the professional edge that these models provide. 

Step 2: Choose your Modules

The Modular Advantage: Select Your BBQ, Refrigerator, Cabinets, and Drawers

Elevate your alfresco dining moments with the ideal arrangement, transforming your culinary adventures. Heat & Grill presents a variety of outdoor refrigerators, ensuring your beverages remain perfectly chilled for supreme summer gatherings. Our outdoor cabinets are not only visually appealing but also offer convenient storage for your alfresco cooking essentials. Opt for our range of drawers for quick access to barbecue utensils and gear. Pair these with a top-tier natural gas grill, and you possess all the elements for crafting unforgettable memories. Assess your space, explore the options aligning with your requirements, and commence your custom outdoor kitchen design today.

Weber Outdoor Kitchen Modules

Step 3: Choose your Style

Personalise Your Weber Kitchen with Diverse Benchtop and Cabinet Options

Showcase your unique style by personalising your Weber kitchen with an assortment of benchtop and cabinet finishes. Select from Midnight Black, Rose White, Pebble Grey, Manganese Black, Split Cedar, Mortar White, and Sentry Grey to craft an enticing outdoor living area.

Midnight Black
Midnight Black
Rose White
Rose White
Pebble Grey
Pebble Grey
Oyster Grey

Expand Your Custom Kitchen Design with Additional Modules

Augment your bespoke Weber Kitchen with our selection of modules. Whether you require wok burners, drawers, or cabinets, these additions provide extra storage and flexibility. The uniform size of single modules facilitates easy integration into your design, allowing you to create a truly personalised space.

Start Your Outdoor Living Journey with Heat & Grill:

  • Select your barbecue and preferred modules to begin.
  • Consider the Weber Family Q Built-In for versatility and integration.
  • Opt for the luxurious and high-performing Weber Summit E-660 Six Burner or E-460 Four Burner models.
  • Customise your benchtops and cabinets to reflect your style.
  • Add modules like wok burners, drawers, or cabinets for extra storage and flexibility.
  • Relax with the assurance of Weber's renowned warranty and customer service

Embark on designing your dream outdoor kitchen with Heat & Grill today!

Weber Outdoor Kitchen Builder

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