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6 Meals You Need to Learn to Cook on the Barbie

Not owning a BBQ is almost un-Australian. Whether it’s a Weber, a built-in BBQ, a wood fired or smoker BBQ – if you live in Melbourne, it’s essential to own an outdoor grill. Owning a barbeque is one thing, but knowing how to use it is quite another. So if you’re new to the outdoor grilling game, let’s take a look at six meals that you need to learn how to cook on the barbie.

Meals you can cook on bbq


Nothing is more quintessentially Aussie then a BBQ hot plate covered in sausages. Although they may seem simple, no one likes an undercooked, or charcoal sausage. So before you break out the outdoor furniture and Fireart Fire pit, make sure that you know how to cook the perfect snag.


Knowing how to cook a BBQ’d steak is essential if you’re going to be doing any backyard entertaining. The trick is to keep it rare to medium – no one likes a jaw workout just to get some food down. Head down the shops and buy a few steaks and start practicing your grilling skills!


Prawns are another Australian backyard barbecue staple. Smothered in some tasty garlic marinade, they’re truly an entrée to be desired. Make sure to buy them fresh from a seafood store though – there’s nothing worse than a stale prawn!


Ah the humble burger! There’s something inherently satisfying about a nice piece of hamburger, nestled between a bun, with some salad, mustard or other sauce in between. And don’t forget the cheese and onion! No Australian worth their salt would be caught dead behind the tongs and slider without knowing how to fry a decent burger.

Chicken Wings

Now here’s another backyard barbie staple – the old-fashioned chicken wing. Make sure that they’re marinated in some honey soy or other sorts of Asian-inspired sauce. If you learn how to cook these right, your event will be a success and you’ll be praised for your ability behind the grill – there’s nothing quite like a tasty chicken wing.

Veggie Burgers

There’s always at least one vegetarian at a barbecue. Factor this into your grill cooking training and pop down the shops and pick up a couple of veggie patties. They usually come in potato, lentil, or another veggie form. Any one of these is good, but the trick is to just heat them up – they generally don’t need quite as long as a piece of meat.

Practice Makes Perfect

There you have it – some Australian backyard barbie essentials. No one gets it right the first time, so start practicing today. Het on the phone and invite your friends around for a feed, because practice makes perfect!

Read more about common myths of Grilling here. If you need the tools for a perfect BBQ in Melbourne this summer – from the grill itself to outdoor heatingcontact the team at Heat & Grill and explore our great range.

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