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Is Grilling Really Bad for You?

Today, Heat & Grill your Weber BBQ specialist in Richmond is going to be exploring the science around a common myth – that grilling is bad for you! It turns out that it is actually not, but it’s all in the secret of exactly how you grill! That’s right – the way that you grill your meat has an impact on your health. Let’s explore this topic a bit more.

Some Basic Chemistry

The reason why some misinformed sources claim that grilled meat is bad for your health is due to the occasional presence of two known carcinogens – heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

HCAs can be formed when amino acids (found in protein), sugars and creatine (found in muscle) react at high temperatures. The longer these chemicals are exposed to higher temperatures the more these HCAs form. However, it is very important to note the facts around the temperatures – HCAs only form due to long-term exposure to high temperatures.

So if you’re over-grilling your meet, you might find that you’re hurting your health.

Who Likes Charred Meat, Anyway?

Imagine serving your backyard guests a black, charred steak. If you have a reputation for putting charred meat on your guests’ plates, you’ll probably find that future invitations start going unanswered. So the next time you fire up the Weber BBQ in Melbourne, remember that less is more! Your reputation as a backyard grill maestro will be a reward in and of itself!

Besides, the best way to grill meat is over a low temperature, with a two-zone set-up. Primo BBQs are the best for this sort of grilling. That way you can move the meat around the areas of heat to ensure that it’s cooked to perfection.

Another Trick

Marinating your meat usually makes it taste better and it can actually be great for your health too. Marinating your meat can help prevent it from reaching high heats, reducing the risks that come with overcooking your meats. The best two marinades for this are teriyaki or a garlic-turmeric blend – both delicious and guaranteed to impress your guests. Another tasty way to make your meat healthier is by adding some simple rosemary!

Moderation is Key

Eating the same thing for every meal is bound to be unhealthy – whether we’re talking about legumes or steak. The human body needs a balanced and healthy diet including plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and grains in order to function well.

So please remember that moderation is the key to a healthy life, but there’s definitely nothing wrong with firing up that built-in BBQ for your next gathering! Just remember to keep an eye on the temperature so that your meat doesn’t become charcoal – because that’s when grilling does become bad for you.

Want to make it easier to get a better, healthier grill every time? Simply contact the team at Heat & Grill and explore our great range of barbeques.

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