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Getting Back to Our Roots with Outdoor Kitchens

A long time ago our ancestors lived under the stars and the sky. Today, we have just a few more luxuries and comforts than they did – and we’re sure grateful for them. However, from time to time it can be fun to pay homage to where we came from and one way of doing that is by designing and installing an outdoor cooking space. Let’s check out a few different outdoor kitchen design ideas to get you thinking!

Let’s check out a few different outdoor kitchen design ideas to get you thinking!

A Pizza Place

One possible theme is an outdoor pizza parlour. To start with, you’re going to need a pizza oven in your backyard. Once you’ve got one installed, it’s just a simple matter of creating the rest of the space to fit in with your theme. You can get some outdoor furniture so you have some room to prepare your pizza and eat it, and you can hang up some Italian themed artwork and décor to complete the look. Now all you need is that nice bottle of Red and the mozzarella!

Decking and Delicacies

Another outdoor kitchen idea is to install some decking. Once you’ve got your deck you can find some furniture to match your flooring. Install a built-in barbeque with some bench space on either side for your preparation and serving needs. Top it off with some storage space underneath your benches so that everything you need is within an easy arm’s reach. Make sure that you’re covered too – there’s no point cooking a BBQ in the rain! You could install some roofing – or for something more elegant, a Shelta umbrella may be the ideal solution.

Invest in a Grill

Buying a grill is another easy way to transform your outdoors into a cooking and entertainment area. Invest in an umbrella, like we mentioned above, and a few small pieces of furniture and you can build a functional outdoor kitchen space with a clean, minimalistic look.

Fry Ups and Foliage

Do you want to enhance your outdoor area without sacrificing that natural look? It can be easy to blend interior and exterior aesthetics to create a natural, yet practical space. Install some outdoor kitchen bench spaces and a built-in Barbeque but keep your colours to the whites and creams. Complete your light look with some white tilings for the floor. The next step is to get some potted plants. Make sure that both the pots and the plants tend towards the darker colours. This will offset the white of your kitchen and create a stark contrast that will catch the eye of your guests! This look perfectly blends style and nature, creating an eye-catching and practical outdoor kitchen.

Whatever your design, it’s easy to create an outdoor kitchen that everyone can enjoy!

At Heat & Grill, we provide all the barbeques, furniture, heating and more, to make your event a hit. Visit us in Melbourne’s inner suburbs or get in touch to discuss our full range.

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