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Weber vs Primo - Which BBQ is Right for You?

Today we’re going to be doing a barbeque face off. In one corner we have the range of Weber BBQ's – a classic champion. In the other corner, we have Primo BBQ. So let’s weigh in the heavyweights, ring the bell, and find out which barbeque is going to suit you the best.

The Weber

The Weber has a long history of being a quality bbq grill. We are weber bbq specialist and there are currently three different kinds of Weber BBQs available on the market and in our store. The first is the Q.

The Q range is ideal for full-flavoured roasts, barbeques and breakfast fry-ups. However, this range tends to remain on the small side. The next step up is the premium gas range. This range varies from stand-alone, portable barbeques to built-in BBQs – perfect for any Richmond or Melbourne patio. You can choose between the Spirit, Genesis or Summit series. The portable option is a good choice for those that take their BBQs with them, whether they’re attending functions or just visiting envious friends. The built-in barbeques are great for those who are setting up their very own outdoor kitchen.

There is also the charcoal range. These are sturdy, heavy-duty units that create a flavourful smoke that your guests will love the taste of.

Whatever Weber BBQ grill you choose, they will surely deliver the goods and are perfect for cooking your meat. They also have closable lids for those slower cooking jobs. 

The Primo

Now let’s take a look at the other competitor, the US-manufactured Primo brand. Another highly reputable brand of BBQ, the Primo BBQ grill is a serious contender. They are constructed of ceramic and have a patented oval design. They can be used as an outdoor oven, a basic grill, a roaster, or even a smoker BBQ!

Primo barbeques can grill meat such as steaks and chicken breasts directly over a charcoal fire. They also have direct and indirect cooking zones, so you can roast those more tender morsels such as seafood and veggies on the indirect zone. Finally, you can use a Primo as an outdoor oven by covering it and using the indirect cooking zone, and you can cook it at low or medium temperatures to bake pizza or even use it as a smoking BBQ!

The Verdict

In the end, one cooker is not better than the other; both of these BBQs deserve a healthy respect and in many cases are used for different circumstances.

If a decision had to be made, we would say that the Weber BBQ grill is better for your classic BBQ needs, while the Primo BBQ delivers in the variety stakes – due to its easily adjustable transitions between multiple cooking styles.

If you’re ready to cook up a perfect feast, contact Heat & Grill today!

We are your BBQ specialist in Richmond, Sydney who will be happy to find the perfect BBQ grill for you, from Webber BBQ to Saffire and Primo BBQs, our range of high-quality cookers will put the finishing touches on your outdoor kitchen and your meal. Learn latest BBQ trends & tips this summer 2017

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