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Latest BBQ Trends & Tips for Summer 2017

Barbeques will always be the Aussie food icon of summer. They never wane in style and every summer of every year you are bound to step outside and smell the waft of BBQ meat travelling from your neighbour’s fence into yours. There’s no denying that BBQ food in Australia incites a real passion and in some cases, some fierce competition on who can cook the perfect sausage or steak.

While the BBQ has almost become a staple in Aussie households, it continues to morph into something more innovative and stylish than ever before as modern trends, gadgets and convenience drive the latest BBQ trends. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re at the top of your BBQ game this summer:

Cook It on Low and Cook It Slow

Summers in Australia are long and lazy. These days, there’s a bigger focus on getting that meat perfectly cooked to perfection – we’re cooking less ‘quick snags’ and more ‘ridiculously juicy, tender steaks’ on our barbeques at home.

Putting smokers, fire pits or just your BBQ on low is becoming more and more popular. Get it going in the morning and let the beautiful flavour waft through your backyard and home for when your guests arrive. By the time your guests sit down, they’ll be ready to devour your meal.

The BBQ Doesn’t Have to Be Just for Meat

Vegetarian options at parties are becoming more popular, even if there aren’t vegetarians attending: providing a non-meat option opens up the variety of food on offer for everyone.

Thankfully, there's a range of vegetarian foods that are delectable when cooked on a BBQ. Lentil burgers, halloumi and stuffed mushrooms all taste amazing when cooked on your grill.

Burgers are King

Burgers are back and are becoming a staple BBQ item. Not just any burger, though. Gourmet sliders are a popular bite-sized morsel of BBQ perfection. They look amazing on a plate when in a brioche bun and topped with a foodie relish.

Use Only the Best Sauces and Rubs

Pre-marinated meats tend to be full of colours and preservatives and who knows what else. Having some gourmet sauces and rubs on hand will give you the feeling of doing it yourself and knowing that you’ve got the freshest cut of meat to cook on your BBQ. Choose your flavour and spice level and you’re good to go!

To get the best outdoor products, contact the team at Heat & Grill. With a wide range of barbeques, smokers, grills, furniture and more, we can make your outside entertaining and cooking the trendiest! Talk to us today.

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