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Now there is a quintessential Australian term.  Football, whether it be AFL or NRL is a day-long event!  There is generally a football tv or radio show on the morning of a football game and the post-game debrief at the other end of the day.  Of course, there’s the spectacle of the game itself.  Whether it is watched at the venue, the pub, the living room or in the man cave of a mates place it’s an all-day affair.  So how does a dedicated fan sustain once self over the course of the day?  It’s a one appliance solution – the Weber of course!

So, if you’re catering, we can plan out an all-day menu that will not only have you king of the grill and catapulted to legend status amongst your friends, but with a little bit of early organisation, you might even get to see some of the game.  Here are some suggestions to make life easier.

Breakfast / Brunch Options – Served until 11:30am

  • Bacon and eggs rolls
  • Pancakes
  • Ned Kelly’s breakfast pizza
  • Breakfast frittata

Lunch to be Served before the Beginning of the Game

  • Vegemite sausage rolls
  • PB & J Ribs
  • Mexican pulled beef rolls
  • Beef and stout pies
  • Chicken schnitzel and coleslaw rolls


  • Homemade pizzas (everyone makes their own)

All these recipes and more can be found on our website here.

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