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Outdoor furniture can help you spend more time outside

outdoor furniture

Remember last Summer you promised yourself some new outdoor furniture at the end of the season.  Oops!  You’ve blinked and it’s already this Summer.

So where do you go for a range of outdoor furniture that’s not only modern but user-friendly as well?  The answer is Heat and Grill Richmond.

Not only do they have the most up to date designs, they also have a range of accessories that will complement your outdoor living space, including shade umbrellas, fridges, heaters etc.

Heat and Grill are not only known as BBQ specialists, they also have a wide range of outdoor accessories including dining settings, day beds, bar settings, balcony settings, sun lounges, outdoor couches and the list goes on.

Outdoor Furniture for the Crowd

Having a dedicated outdoor area for entertaining is great.  It adds another room to the house without having to renovate inside.  Furnishing it can be tricky so you need to consider your lifestyle before you purchase.

If you have babies or toddlers, you may wish to minimise any glass furniture.  Also, you may want to pay extra attention to the chairs and stools you are considering.  Bar stools are higher so little people may be able to pull them on top of themselves.  Make sure any hot surfaces or heaters are well out of reach of little hands and always have covers on them when cooled.

If you have a few teenagers at home and their friends like to visit, you might think about some outdoor bean bags.  They come in lots of different designs these days and will be far cheaper to replace than a good dining setting.

Furniture for You

Your extended family and friends won’t be there ALL the time so make sure you purchase something that suits you.  Depending on how much room you have maybe an extra comfy chair or sun lounge, something you would like to read or sunbake on without having to rearrange the whole dining set.  The other thing is you may like to do in the warmer months outside is enjoy breakfast out there, so you may look for something a little more casual.  Try to make the outdoor furniture fit your lifestyle, not just the square meterage.


Having a backyard is one of life’s joys.  Whether it is the size of a handkerchief or you can’t see the edge of your property, there is one thing you will need and that’s a shade umbrella.  Heat and Grill in Richmond have a comprehensive range of outdoor shade umbrellas.  You are sure to find one that will suit your lifestyle and backyard needs.

Shelta umbrellas have designs including cantilever in 3 m square and 3.5 m octagonal.  They have a side axis tilt action so no matter where the sun is you can maneuver the umbrella to give you protection from the elements.  You can also mount an LED light specific to Shelta umbrella masts and the Regis design umbrellas are also compatible with Shelta’s wheeled resin bases.

For added choice and benefit they come with a 3-year warranty and a large range of colour choice.

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