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Meet the iGrill 3: and why you need one in your life

The BBQ iGrill 3: a must have accessory

The iGrill 3

Are you sick of relying on your best guess when the meat on the BBQ is cooked? Or worse still, cutting into your meat whilst it’s still cooking to ensure it has been cooked through? This is considered the number 1 grilling sin, but luckily the iGrill 3 may be the answer to your BBQing woes.

Despite our best efforts of checking the size of the meat against the cooking time required, we can still get it wrong. This method requires all cooking conditions to be perfect without any interruption or loss of heat. Well sometimes this just isn’t the case. It is so disappointing when we our meat isn’t our preferred texture and colour. What about when friends come over? How do you know when their steak is done? One wants rare, one wants medium and someone else want medium well. It’s enough to ruin the whole cooking experience all together!

The future of the BBQ accessory at the touch of your finger

Weber know you want to get the most enjoyment every time you cook with their products so they have designed a thermometer. No just any thermometer but one that works via Bluetooth technology so the BBQ talks to your phone, tablet or watch. It was originally developed for Weber rookies so they could optimise their Weber experience from the get-go and cook to the perfect temperature to enjoy maximum taste and flavour every single time.

Yes technology has crept into the dark art of grilling but definitely to the customers advantage. The iGrill will send you grill alerts and data directly to your smart phone tablet or watch. It will tell you when you have reached the compatible temperature you need to start cooking, when the grill is losing heat, even when your meal is ready!

Simply download the Weber iGrill App through the Apple App Store or Android Google App Store. You can then pre set alarms, access cooking time and temperature guides or even view Weber’s most popular recipes. It also has compatibility with social media so you don’t have to try to describe how succulent and tender you roast was, you can show your friends.

The iGrill 3

The iGrill range

iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer

The entry point model into the iGrill world, this device will give you basic doneness notifications and temperature information. If you regularly cook different types of meat at the same time perhaps consider having two iGrills. Get your Weber iGrill pro meat temperature probe here

iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer

This beauty comes with all the same great features as the iGrill plus the addition of an extra probe. Get your Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer here

iGrill 3

Monitors food from start to finish. It alerts you on your phone once your meal has reached the exact temperature to serve. Get your Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth Thermometer here

This thermometer is only compatible with the Genesis II and Genesis II LX Series

How to set up the iGrill 3

  1. Open the door on the front of the device. This is where the probe ports are housed.
  2. Plug one or more probes into the ports
  3. Press the power button (found at the front of the faceplate) once, quickly
  4. The display will flash, indicating the device is ready to pair to your smart phone
  5. Open the Weber iGrill App, get connected and you are done! 

iGrill Ambient Probe

This device allows you to accurately monitor the temperature of a grill or smoker all from you smartphone. It is manufactured from quality stainless steel making it durable and long lasting. It measures from <30 degrees up to 300 degrees. It conveniently clips on the grill grate to ensure exact temperature monitoring.

iGrill Pro Meat Temperature Probe

This model offers a more extensive temperature range for monitoring. It measures from <50 degrees up to 380 degrees. Again made from quality stainless steel materials, it is designed to withstand the heat of extreme heat cooking, day in, day out.

Customise your iGrill Settings

Choose from one of the many preset alerts ranging from medium-rare steak to lamb. Create and save custom alerts for special dishes that only you know the perfect temperature for. Another useful feature is the Range setting that lets you customise alerts once the ambient temperature of your grill goes outside of the set range.

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