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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing good outdoor furniture, including patio umbrellas. Quality is important as the weather can greatly impact your furniture and you might find you’ve paid for a product that is neither durable nor functional for an extended time.  You also want to make sure your patio umbrella suits you and the style of your yard!

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider when looking for Patio Umbrellas

Your Choice of Fabric

You want to make sure you invest in an umbrella that has a high-quality fabric. It’s going to be protecting you from the sun, which means it will be receiving most of that harsh sunlight itself. Bright coloured umbrellas look amazing and if they are of good quality they are less likely to fade quickly over time.

The Tilt of Your Umbrella

It’s something a lot of people forget to consider but it’s a really important part of your patio umbrella. As the sun moves, you want to be able to easily tilt your umbrella to ensure it still provides full shade. There are a variety of tilts on the market and each has its pros and cons.

  • Crank Tilt: The crank tilt is nice and easy to use. When you open the umbrella with a crank you tilt it. Once you’ve opened the umbrella to the desired amount of shade, it simply locks into place.
  • Push-button tilt: This is a cheaper option but it can be tricky to adjust. You need to press a button and the tilt of the umbrella is adjusted manually. It still has the crank to open and close the umbrella, but the push-button makes it a little more awkward to manoeuvre.
  • Collar Tilt: The collar tilt is a super easy umbrella to tilt. By simply rotating the collar on the winder housing you can tilt the umbrella to 20 degrees. You don’t even need to stand up while doing it!

Umbrella Bases

 When you’re so focused on what the umbrella is going to look like in your outdoor space, it can be easy to forget that the umbrella base is just as essential as the umbrella itself. A poor umbrella base will have your umbrella leaning or falling over, causing frustration. Water or sand-filled bases can be used if the base is fitted exactly to the umbrella size, or you might like to consider a granite umbrella base for extra sturdiness and style.


Yes, even your outdoor umbrella has accessories! Why not install a handy umbrella light to go with your umbrella? It will make your umbrella look elegant and stylish through the night. Always investigate your umbrella cover options when purchasing your umbrella too. That way, you can get a protective cover that fits your umbrella perfectly.

Get the best out of your backyard by making sure you have the best patio umbrella with all the right features.

To get the best patio umbrellas and knowledge, contact the team at Heat & Grill. With a wide range of BBQs, smokers, grills, outdoor furniture and more we can make your outside entertaining and comfort the trendiest! Talk to us today.


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