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Do you have an outdoor event coming up? Maybe a few friends and family are coming around for some food, drink and fun. Or maybe it’s a bigger affair and you want to take advantage of the space in your backyard. Whatever the case, a gathering is incomplete without a comprehensive menu.

Let’s check out what’s on the menu for your next event!

Garlic Prawns

No backyard Aussie barbeque is complete without throwing a few prawns on the barbie. Why not spice things up a bit by smothering them in some garlic marinade? Your taste buds and your guests will thank you for the experience. Complement them with a nice Sav Blanc and you’ll have a match made in heaven.

Mango and Coconut Chicken Skewers

Now here’s a recipe that’s evocative of the exotic. Even if you’re in the depths of a Melbourne winter, you can fire up the grill in your yard and get a bit tropical with some mango and coconut chicken skewers. Match this meal with a fruity white wine and you’ll have a pairing to die for.

Let’s Get Spicy

Feeling a bit cold? Need to warm things up a tad? How do zesty Lamb backstraps with a Moroccan salad sound? Warm the cockles this winter with this tasty and spicy meal. The harissa will put a fire in the belly, and if you’re looking for a wine to match, a Riesling should do the trick nicely!

For the Herbivores

What’s a Melbourne BBQ without one resident vegetarian? This dish will ensure that you cater for all in attendance. Grilled asparagus topped with hazelnuts and mint will provide a refreshing, light meal for those not wanting to partake in the meatier options. A nice Chardonnay will match the greens perfectly.

Juicy and Tasty

Every BBQ needs a few steaks – that goes without saying. Here’s a marinated recipe that will get the mouth watering before it even goes on the grill.  Mix this with garlic, rosemary and mustard to ensure a delicious, tantalising feed. For rich cuts of meat, choose a bold Shiraz or Cab Sav, while leaner fare will go well with a softer red.

All Australian Dishes

Let the outback inspire your menu for your next gathering with this delicious roo and macadamia salad. You’ll need some lean loin fillets for this one and the honey mustard dressing is sure to inspire some praise. A young Pinot Noir makes the ideal drinking for this type of meat.

Salmon Selection

Finally, let’s top off the menu with some more seafood. This salmon with coconut salsa is a Thai-Mexican fusion style dish to die for. The mango and coconut play so well together, while the rich salmon gives you your protein and Omega-3 hit. Pair it with a fruity white to top it all off!

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