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Keeping your yard warm in winter is important  and one quick and easy way to keep it warm is by installing a fire pit. However, there’re a few different fire pits on sale currently on our website and in the market. But the question is -Which one is going to suit your yard the best?

Let’s take a look!

Know Your Sizes

Generally, Outdoor fire pits tend to be quite large in diameter although they come in different shapes and sizes. It’s worth taking some measuring tape to the store where you’ll be purchasing your fire pit in Melbourne. This way you can take some measurements and compare this to the space you have at home. Imagine coming home with a fire pit and it not fitting – what a disaster!

Pick Your Style

Outdoor Firepits, like Barbeque and other Outdoor Cooking Range, outdoor furniture, outdoor heaters and Shelta umbrellas, come in a variety of styles, colours and shapes. If you’re thinking about installing a fire pit in your Richmond or Melbourne property, have a think about the style. Fire Pits often have a big, bowl shape or resemble low-sitting tables. If you want one you can move from spot to spot, try one of the bowls. If you have a larger yard and want a spot people can gather around to socialise, try a larger, stationary pit.

Choose Your Fuel

The majority are either wood or gas fire pit. It’s important to choose which type that you want. The wood fireplace is great because they can be quite cost efficient – especially if you live in a rural or regional property where wood is abundant. They will also have that authentic feeling that comes with the look of the fire and the smell of wood smoke.

What’s it Made Of

Fire pits can range from copper to stone and tile and even stainless steel. Stonepits are better for non-portable pits that form the centrepiece of your yard. The same applies for stainless steel pits, which are also rain and rust proof. Tile pits are fireproof and can have the added touch of looking great. Copper is a great option, and it has a nice bright appearance.

Added Extras

You can also enhance your fire pit by adding some extras, such as a grill for cooking and a cover to keep it safe from the weather when you’re not using it. Remember to stay safe when you’re using your fire pit, and always ensure that you supervise your children closely too! The last thing you’d want is an accident. Enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire, and the company that you’ll keep around it.

To find the perfect outdoor fire pits in Melbourne for your needs, contact Heat & Grill, the outdoor heating and Outdoor Furniture or entertainment specialists in Melbourne. Visit our store to see our range in person and to discuss your fire pit, barbeque or other outdoor requirements.

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