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Meet the Weber Genesis II

Where the Weber Genesis began

The Weber Genesis II is one of the most popular additions to the Weber range.  The original Genesis was introduced into the Weber range in 1980’s. It has now evolved into a BBQ backyard hero.

Weber has taken this popular grill and given it a signature all of its own – the Weber gs4 cooking system. This comprises 4 key essential cooking elements that give the Weber Genesis that special edge.

GS4 Burners

In the past, one of the greatest challenges with outdoor grilling was uneven heat distribution. Weber made solving this problem a priority when researching new and improved ways to disperse heat more evenly. The gs4 burners are tapered to provide a consistent pressure of gas along the entire length of the burner.

GS4 Infinity Ignition

If the ignition on a barbeque is faulty, it basically renders the unit worthless. The technical research team at Weber thought this was unacceptable. With more durable and long lasting materials, they set about devising a new ignition system. By deciding to move sensitive components away from the intensity of the heat they realised this exclusive ignition system would never wear out – ever. They even guarantee it!

GS4 Flavorizer Bars 

Do you know why barbequed food tastes so much better than any other? It’s the juices and fats from the meat that are trapped in the unit to infuse the food over and over again.

The Genesis has angled steel bars located above the burners. Again, thanks to the brains trust at Weber, the bars have been angled a specific way to allow the fats and juices to safely run off the food without the risk of a fat fire. These flavoursome liquids hit the bars, then sizzle and smoulder to release the rich meat flavour back into the food. Anyone hungry?

GS4 Grease Management System

The fat management system in the Genesis II guides excess fat and debris away from the heat of the burners, into a disposable drip tray below the cooking area. That means fat won’t build up near the burners, helping reduce the chance of a fat fire.

What is Weber iGrill technology?

This precision temperature control system is exclusive to Weber. The iGrill is an App you download onto your phone. The temperature probe that is inserted into you meat will allow you to track the progress of your food. The system talks to your phone alerting you of any unwanted temperature variations and also gives you the option to increase or decrease the temperature if required. An alert will let you know when your meal is ready. It has changed the face of bbqing.

This superior grilling system has the very best features Weber gas grilling systems have to offer. With over 30 years of research and evolution the features include: 

  • 3 Stainless steel infinite control burner tubes
  • Infinity ignition system
  • Porcelain enamelled hood
  • Fold down side table
  • 2 porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grills
  • Heavy duty porcelain-coated cast iron hotplate
  • Porcelain-enamelled Flavorizer™ bars
  • Fixed commercial grade thermometer
  • Open cart design
  • Bottom shelf

Here are some features the Weber Genesis has to offer. Heat and Grill Richmond are a Weber specialist so come down and let a real person show you the real features on a real Genesis.

iGrill 3™ readyPrecision temperature control
2 Caster wheels (2 locking)Safe and secure
2 Durable all weather wheelsLong lasting components
Precision fuel gauge (LP model)Never run out of fuel again
2 Metre quick disconnect hose (natural gas model)Generous length to connect to NG
Detailed operating instructionsEasy step by step instructions for first time users
Weber Genesis cookbookSTART COOKING NOW!
Weber limited 10 year warrantyBest warranty of any BBQ manufacturer

Genesis II E410

Don’t be misled by the size of this entry model into the Genesis range. It still has all the standard features of Genesis, just in a smaller version. Great for small apartment living or balcony areas. It boasts a 4 burner system and open cart design.

LX II E340

This is also a model for the spatially challenged devoted grill master. Comprising 3 burners, a High+ burner control, handle light, light up control knobs and a dual door enclosed cart for a sleeker finish.

LX II E440

With all standard features of a Genesis, the E440 has the dual door cart included which gives the unit a professional look and finish. Added features include the light up control knobs and a handle light. These are very handy if your cooking later in the evening. Along with the Premium, it has the biggest cooking surface in the range.


This model is considered the big daddy of them all. If you consider yourself the consummate outdoor grill king, this is the model for you. Not only does it offer the standard features of the other models, it also includes a handle light, light up knobs, a rotisserie, side burner and a dual door enclosed cart.


It should be noted that no matter which model Weber BBQ you buy, they all come with a 10 year warranty. Weber have great pride in the design, manufacturing and presentation of their products. They believe even in harsh outdoor conditions their quality products will stand the test of time.

Product specifications comparison

 Genesis E310Genesis
LXE340LX E410LX E440
Height cm (lid closed)114114122114122122
Height cm (lid open)154154160154160160
Depth cm (lid closed)747474747474
Depth cm (lid open)787984798484
Primary cooking area cm2331041683310416841684168
Warming rack area cm2100612771006127712771277
Total cooking area cm2431654454316544554455445
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