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Why choose Weber Accessories?

Weber barbeques are very unique and so are the Weber accessories you kit it out with.  This combination promotes a range of cuisines to cook outdoors and require good quality accessories to complement that versatility. They also offer maintenance products to promote their longevity and promote products made with your very best outdoor cooking experience in mind.

Foods cooked on the Weber Q are pizzas, stir-frys, fish, roast meats, desserts.

Weber Accessories

Pizza making accessories (inc Hark)

Weber has taken care of everything when it comes to its dedication to creating a great pizza. From cutters to pizza stones large and small, they've made sure you have everything at hand to make it as simple as possible.

Meat probes

Not quite sure if the meat has cooked to your preferred temperature?  Be sure to get it right every time with a meat thermometer.  No cut of meat will ever be wasted and you won’t have to rely on your “best guess”.

Casserole dish

Want to start a dish in the morning and slow cook it for the day?  Weber has just the right vessel for that.

Handle light

Who hasn’t said when they cook outdoors of an evening, “I just need a little more light to see if the meat is cooked properly”.  Problem solved.


There is a specific Weber cookbook for each Series.

BBQ cover

If you have invested in a Weber, you must buy the appropriate, custom made cover for it. This will keep it safe from the elements and prolong the life of your bbq.

There are many Weber accessories.  To view them all, check out our huge range of accessories, as well as other brands too. Keep in mind, these are also great gift ideas for the outdoor cook in the family.

View our complete range of accessories here:

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