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BBQ Cookbook – Building Your Collection

In recent decades the trend towards outdoor living and dining has gained considerable momentum. There are many different forms of outdoor cooking now including smokers, gas cookers, charcoal cookers, pizza ovens, pit barrels, etc. Now they are housed in the outdoor kitchen to complement this lifestyle!

BBQing outdoors has taken on a life of its own. Outdoor cooking has come so far from burnt sausages and steaks. Remember when the shashlik was introduced?  It was a meal in one. Your meat and vegetables were all neatly skewered on one easy- to-cook spike.  It could support any dietary or cuisine preference. Seafood, beef, even vegetarian.  It was considered the BBQ “showstopper”! Just as with all the recipes we are looking to try, perfect and personalise, BBQing recipes are no different. Thanks to BBQ cookbooks we can now use the outdoor cooking for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Have you ever tried the Ned Kelly breakfast pizza? Or Ferrero Rocher Brownies?

With detailed information, bright glossy photos and simple step by step instructions, you will be whipping up a 3-course meal on the outdoor cooker for guests in no time.

Hard Core Carnivore | Weber's American Barbecue

Webers American BBQ Cookbook

A Modern Spin on the Classics – by Jamie Purviance. You may think Aussies have a monopoly on outdoor cooking. Well, the Americans are pretty good at it too. They have a big emphasis on sauces and rubs and are the masters of slow cooking. In this book, there are 120 recipes and they go beyond the traditional. The book looks at a lot of new trends in bbqing today and incorporates the knowledge of local experts, the places of interest and the history behind the recipes. You don’t even have to cook anything from it, it’s just a good read! Click here for Webers American Cookbook

Hardcore Carnivore – by Jess Pryles

If you’re a connoisseur of meat, the Hardcore Carnivore is the resource for you. With a distinctly American flavour to it, the recipes include favourites like slow smoked bbq ribs and cowboys steaks.  With an extensive introduction to the tricks of the trade, Australian born Jess Pryles, now living in Texas, will take you through the fundamentals of slow cooking your meat.  Her credentials include cook, author, foodie and last but not least, lover of steak and bourbon. You can take the girl out of Australia but…………….. Click here for Hardcore Carnivore

Temples of BBQ | Melt!

Temples of BBQ Cookbook – by Lance Rosen

American BBQing is like any regional dialect. Different area speaks different languages. Temples of BBQ lays out the best regions, what to eat there and then shows you how to take it home and do it yourself with all the step by step details. If none of the recipes grabs you, it can also be used as a travel guide.

Melt – by Bob Hart

The complete outdoor cookbook for lovers of cheese. We often associate BBQs with predominately meat fare but vegetarians think again! Bob Hart has been thrilling the grill for over 30 years and this book proves he’s forgotten no one. How do Fried Cheddar and Lemon Cheesy Cakes with Maple Syrup sound? Or Gouda and Zucchini Fritters? Bob hasn’t completely forgotten the carnivores. Think Truffled Cheesy Sausages. Anybody hungry? Click here to grab your copy of Melt

Heat & Smoke

Weber Heat and Smoke – by Bob Hart

For any outdoor chef, this book is a “must have” for tips, tricks, inspirations and ideas. Bob Hart is the undisputed king of the grill and doesn’t take the safe option with cooking. His recipes and techniques are innovative and more importantly achievable for the first time grill master or the well-seasoned expert. Bob will inspire you to take a few chances with your flavours and will take your through simple detailed instructions to achieve the best outcome for your effort. It concentrates on meats varying from pork, lamb and beef. The seafood lover has not been forgotten with mussels, calamari and salmon. Cheese and vegetables also feature on the menu. Your indoor kitchen will be perpetually clean and you will have minimal use for your inside oven. Click here if you don’t have Weber Heat & Smoke in your collection yet

Weber Heat and Smoke II – by Bob Hart

Luckily for all outdoor cooking enthusiasts, Bob Hart just keeps trying new things.  His eternal search for more outdoor cooking techniques and flavour sensations is his gift to the outdoor chef.  He loves sharing his discoveries.  This book boasts a local flavour, working with available raw materials and complementary techniques. Bob has partnered with revered food photographer Dean Cambray to showcase all his new tricks.  Concepts Bob presents include duck breast smoked over hickory, beef brisket turned into homemade pastrami, lamb racks encased in Japanese crumbs, hot smoked salmon infused with juniper berries, garlic and anchovy.  He also collaborates with sardines, oysters, scallops, mango cheeks, bananas and anything else that is sitting still on a plate. His quick wit and can do approach to outdoor cooking makes any food exploration with his books a joy. You can grab Weber Heat & Smoke Volume 2 here

The Complete Australian Weber BBQ Cookbook

The Complete Australian Weber BBQ Cookbook – by Ross McDonald & Margaret Kirkwood

The oldest and most loved introduction Weber Cookbook is a 224 page, hardbound cookbook full of 200 glossy photos with 400 recipes to peruse and try.  Perfect for the first time Weber user, the recipes include variations of difficulty so the outdoor chef can choose according. Purchase the Complete Australian Weber BBQ cookbook here

Australia’s Own Weber Q Cookbook – by Ross McDonald and Margaret Kirkwood

Not satisfied with one best selling outdoor cookbook, Ross and Margaret have teamed up again to inspire readers and outdoor chefs everywhere to attempt new recipes and cooking challenges with simplicity and achievability in mind.  They go through a range of techniques for every model Q variation.  The book includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts.  This method will leave your indoor kitchen perpetually clean and almost render your oven useless. Grab yours today

Barbecue Unplugged | Weber's Barbecue Bible

BBQ Unplugged – Bob Hart

Just when you think there is nothing more Bob can do on a grill he surprises us once again.  This is the third book and it continues the basic practices of fresh produce, new ideas, keeping it simple and enjoying the cooking experience as much as the eating of the food.  He has penned new techniques and flavours for all to follow. His new triumphs include Lobster tails roasted over hickory, reverse seared steaks with Japanese or Thai infusions and unsurpassed Peking duck.  If you are a lover of tandoori chicken Bob has created the only recipe you’ll ever need.  He has even put an Asian spin on brisket.  Bob has the uncanny ability to make you feel like he is right there alongside you as you attempt a new dish. Pick up a copy of BBQ Unplugged here

Weber BBQ Bible – by Jamie Purviance

Get a sneak peek to the secrets of the masters.  The Weber Bible is a must have for any outdoor cooking chef.  It is the equivalent of having a one on one tutorial with the professionals.  It has easy to follow recipes and dozens of cooking techniques.  It is a cooking resource that every outdoor chef needs. Grab it now

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