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The Ultimate Backyard for Entertaining

We all work hard and that’s what makes some time on the weekends and after work all the more valuable. And what’s more valuable than spending some quality time with your close friends, family and loved ones? There’s nothing quite like sitting out the back of your place, having a chat with someone you’re fond of or just enjoying the silence.

Let’s take a look at how to maximise those times with a guide to the ultimate in backyard entertainment.

Outdoor Furniture

A great way to begin to set up your backyard is by getting some outdoor furniture, and some cane or wicker chairs and a wooden table are a great place to start. These classy seats blend natural features with outdoor décor and they give your guests have somewhere to sit while you man the BBQ.

Speaking of BBQ

While we’re on the topic – what’s an Aussie backyard without a barbeque? This is an essential item for any homeowner who is looking to entertain in their backyard. It’s also an essential for any backyard gathering. If you’re uncertain of what to do or who to talk to, just wander over to the barbie for a chat and to check that the meat’s cooking well!

Let’s Stay Warm

Some outdoor heating is also a really wise investment, especially during those cold winters. There are a few ways you can keep yourself and your guests warm. One is a portable gas heater. However, you can also add a bit more spark to your yard with a Fireart firepit. This is a great centrepiece to any backyard designed for entertaining – everyone can gather around and warm themselves while they have a chat and a bite to eat.

A Pizza Oven

What better way to get a party started than with an outdoor pizza oven? You could even theme a whole night around it – ask all your guests to bring different ingredients, prepare some pizza dough yourself and have everyone design and cook their own gourmet pizza, which is then shared around.

Get Covered

The sun can get strong during a Melbourne summer, and sometimes the rain doesn’t care if you’ve made plans in the backyard or not. One way to ensure that you can have people around in rain, hail or shine is to invest in an outdoor umbrella.  There are a variety of shapes and sizes available, so no matter the dimensions of your yard, you can find an umbrella to match.

Heat & Grill is your specialist for everything to do with outdoor entertainment in Richmond. If you’d like to perfect the art of outdoor entertainment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit us in the heart of Melbourne.

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