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Turn Your Garage into a Man Cave

If you’re lacking a room in your house that’s just for you, there’s no need to despair. Think outside the box and consider turning your garage into the man cave of your dreams! It’s becoming more and more popular to extend the garage into an entertainment oasis and it’s easy to extend out to an outdoor area that includes your BBQ and outdoor furniture too. That way, you’ll be able to have your party indoors and outdoors with ease.

Here’s how to turn your garage into a brilliant man cave:

Get Good Lighting Happening

Australian garages don’t tend to have windows in them and so the lighting tends to be pretty poor. You can create an atmosphere in your man cave with some tall lamps positioned around the room or stronger lighting overhead.

Don’t Forget Heating and Cooling

Garages don’t have the best insulation, so while they may be cosy in spring, the rest of the year might get too chilly or too hot. You want to be able to hide away in there for a few hours by yourself or with friends, so make sure you’ve got some decent heating or cooling in there so you can feel comfortable.

Games for All

The options are endless when it comes to gaming in your man cave. With a flow on effect from your outdoor BBQ, you want people to be able to wander into your man cave and enjoy a game of pool, table tennis, pinball or good old-fashioned foosball. Keep it retro and cool!

It’s Not a Man Cave without a Fridge

If you’ve got people wandering in and out from your backyard to your man cave you want to make sure you’ve got something refreshing on hand to go with their meals. Get a great fridge that they can easily access and fill with drinks so people don’t feel the need to go inside the house to get them.

Complement Your Man Cave with Outdoor Furniture

At parties, people like to have the option to hang out in small groups inside or outside. Having a great man cave that's decked out is excellent, but it’s even better if it flows out into a backyard that has an awesome fire pit going. Add comfortable outdoor furniture for people to laze about in as those summer afternoons turn into beautiful summer nights.

Turning your garage into a man cave can be a fun and rewarding project! Get the best out of your man cave by making sure you extend and complement it with a magnificent outdoor atmosphere. To get the best out of your garage turned man cave, contact the team at Heat & Grill. Looking for a wide range of

Looking for a wide range of Weber barbeques, smokers, grills and outdoor furniture, we can make your outside entertaining and cook amazing! Talk to us today.

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