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Décor Tips for Large Patios

If you’ve got a large patio space, it can be really exciting yet daunting to decorate. You don’t want it to look messy but you also don’t want it to be so minimalist that it doesn’t look cosy and homely. Choosing the size of your outdoor setting in Melbourne can also be difficult. Once you’ve got a few tips under your belt, you’ll be more equipped to decorate your patio space so that it truly takes you and your guests’ breath away when they enter.

Here’s what you should consider for the décor of your large patio space

The Size of Your Outdoor Furniture

With space on your side, you could easily deck your patio out with a large outdoor dining table and chairs. But before you do that you might like to consider making a list. If your patio is mostly going to be used for informal gatherings, then why waste an amazingly large space? Consider casual seating and a bar table instead. The options are endless.

Designate Spaces within Your Patio

To avoid your large patio space looking too cluttered or too sparse, draw a layout of your patio and section it out to include various spaces that suit your needs. You might even consider sectioning the space with decorative walls or partitions. Perhaps part of your patio will be reserved for formal dining while the other side will be to gather people around a fire pit when the sun goes down. Designating spaces that also flow effectively is the best way to create a great look for a large patio.

Put Greenery on Your Patio in Abundance

There’s a reason succulent and low maintenance plants are becoming increasingly popular. If your patio needs a splash of green, try installing some succulents or vertical gardens full of fresh herbs. You can even take the herbs straight from the garden and use them for entertaining. This will give your patio in Melbourne more of an outdoor feel and help create the seamless effect from inside to outside.

Keeping it cool with some Shading

You have the perfect outdoor area, everything is set up perfectly, so how do you use it all year round? Setting up some protection from the sun will go a long way and the Shelta Regis umbrella is perfect for your backyard. Now available from Heat & Grill in a range of sizes and colours, you'll find the perfect solution for your outdoor area.

Cushions Are Your Friend

Cushions are a designer’s best friend when it comes to patios. They inject that homey feeling that outdoor spaces sometimes lack and with a bit of colour they will make your patio bright and vibrant. It’s the perfect way to create a comfortable, welcoming outdoor area that really wows your guests. 

Make sure you have the most innovative, stylish products for your large patio. To get the best outdoor products, contact the team at Heat & Grill. With a wide range of barbeques, smokers, grills, furniture and more, we can make your outside entertaining and cooking area refreshing and stylish! Talk to us today.

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