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Infratech Heaters have been an industry leader in electric infrared technology for more than 50 years. We offer an extensive range of heating options, for optimum comfort in any outdoor environment. Our products are found in fine homes, restaurants, cafes and hotels worldwide.


A heated quartz element emits a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. For this reason, infrared heat can be distributed very evenly, and will not simply “blow away” in windy or drafty conditions. Infratech medium wave quartz element heaters emit a barely discernible, pleasing glow that will not affect the ambience of your gathering – unlike competitive short-wave or halogen electric heaters that produce a very harsh glare or bright-colored light.

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HEATSTRIP® Classic is a range of stylish, premium, high-intensity electric panel heaters. With huge running cost savings compared to bottled gas heaters, HEATSTRIP® is ideal for outdoor undercover protected applications, both residential and commercial. These include alfresco dining and BBQ areas, patios, verandahs, courtyards and balconies. Ideal indoor applications include spot heating in factories, showrooms, warehouses, assembly lines, halls, etc.


Why choose HEATSTRIP® Classic electric wall panel heaters for your outdoor or hard-to-heat indoor area? Radiant heaters are often the most effective and preferred way to heat an outdoor or tough-to-heat indoor area. Unlike traditional convection heaters, electric panel wall heaters will heat people or objects, not air. In outdoor areas, hot air is blown away, while in open indoor areas, the hot air rises to the ceiling or is lost via ventilation. Radiant heat will comfortably and energy-efficiently provide direct heat to people is this situation. HEATSTRIP® are the original innovators for outdoor heating development in commercial and residential markets. Today, we continue to be market-leading, with quality that is proven over many years both in Australia and overseas. Many try to copy, but none equal. The HEATSTRIP® Classic is the best-looking outdoor panel heater available, and the ultimate in outdoor heating.

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FireArt Australia delivers hand-made quality products that are built as a design feature for any outdoor setting that will withstand Australia's forever changing environment. FireArt products are fabricated with quality being at the forefront of our design. Our products are crafted by industry professionals with the goal to not only be the focal point in any setting, but to withstand the test of time.


The FireArt Teppanyaki Pit range. Exceptional cooking ability and design style moulded into a fire pit. The talking point in any outdoor setting. The traditional FireArt Fire Pits. Great for heating and creating a focal point in any outdoor setting.

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