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Stihl – AP – Battery Chainsaw – MSA 300 Cordless chainsaw 16″ with Smart Connect 2A



STIHL MSA 300 C-O Battery Chainsaw is crafted with precision and tailored for the demands of industry experts, this chainsaw redefines efficiency, power, and convenience.

Powerful Performance:
The heart of the MSA 300 lies in its potent STIHL AP 500 S battery, channeling a robust 3.0 kW electrical output into a remarkable chain speed of up to 30 m/s. Paired with the STIHL .325″ -RS -Pro -saw chain and the Light 04 -guide bar, it delivers unparalleled cutting performance with reduced weight, ensuring professionals achieve exceptional results.

Weatherproof and Robust:
Engineered for challenging conditions, the MSA 300 boasts a weatherproof and robust construction that endures the rigors of professional work. The STIHL anti-vibration system minimizes vibrations, enhancing user comfort by relieving stress on muscles and joints.

Easy Maintenance:
Designed for user convenience, the MSA 300 features a service cover that provides easy access to the filter. The temperature-monitored filter alerts users to potential contamination, ensuring optimal performance. It also houses an innovative operation and notification cockpit, delivering essential data and information for enhanced control during operation.

Smart Connectivity:
Equipped with the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A, the MSA 300 is primed for networked work. This revolutionary feature allows seamless integration with your smartphone, tablet, or STIHL connected Box, offering valuable insights into the chainsaw’s performance and enabling enhanced functionality through the STIHL connected App and Portal.

Extended Battery Life:
Explore the comprehensive overview of battery runtimes and charging times to maximize productivity. The MSA 300 is part of the STIHL AP system, ensuring compatibility with a range of AP rechargeable batteries, providing users with flexibility and prolonged usage under adverse weather conditions.

Efficient Operation:
Tailor your work with three distinct operating modes – Eco, Felling, and Delimbing. An oil sensor continuously monitors oil pressure, ensuring optimal lubrication for efficient felling, delimbing, and cutting of small to medium-sized trees.

Advanced Features:
The MSA 300 incorporates cutting-edge features such as a non-woven air filter for effective protection, a control lever with a potentiometer function for variable speed control, and performance electronics with a derating function for effective monitoring and protection against overheating.

Stay Informed:
The large LED display on the operation and notification cockpit provides instant feedback on crucial chainsaw components. The oil sensor LED keeps you informed about chain lubricant delivery, ensuring your chainsaw is always ready for action.

Choose the STIHL MSA 300 C-O Battery Chainsaw for a seamless blend of power, innovation, and reliability, setting new standards for professional chainsaw performance.

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Product Details


Bar length 40-50 cm
Bar length 16-20 in
Rated voltage 36 V
Weight 5.4 kg 1)
System Weight 7.34 kg
Sound pressure level 93 dB(A) 2)
Sound power level 104 dB(A) 3)
Vibration level, left 2.6 m/s² 4)
Vibration level, right 2.8 m/s² 4)
Saw chain pitch .325″
Battery technology Lithium-Ion
Recommended battery AP 500 S
Battery life with AP 500 S 44 min
Cordless power system AP
IPX Rating IPX4
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