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Stihl – AK – Battery Lawn Mower – RMA 339 37cm – KIT – Supplied with AK 30 & AL 101 (20 – 70MM)


Technical data

Technical data Value
Cutting Width cm 37
Cutting Height mm 20-70
Product weight kg 16
Grass Catcher Box L 40
Grass catcher box volume l 40
Engine type Battery 36 V
Mulching function Yes, can be retrofitted
Product weight (kg) kg 14
Housing material Polymer PP
Drive no
Product Details

The biggest advantages of the STIHL RMA 339 are that is lightweight, cordless and easy to handle. Its innovative STIHL AK battery system runs off powerful lithium-ion cells. The batteries can be used for many other STIHL machines with this battery system by simply unplugging and replugging them. For especially economical mowing, collecting and retrofittable mulching, use the activatable eco mode. It automatically adapts the motor speed to the required power, for the greatest possible mowing time. The flow-optimised blade also increases the energy efficiency. This saves valuable battery capacity and increases the coverage. But that is not all: the lawn mower is also equipped with a foldable grass catcher box as well as central cutting height adjustment. This enables the compact machine to achieve the best results on small and medium-sized lawns, and its straightforward handling makes it popular with all gardeners. Kit comes with AK 30 battery and AL 101 charger.

Standard features

  • Carrying handles
    Carrying handles

    The STIHL battery-powered lawn mower has two carrying handles integrated into the housing for ease of transport. They make the cordless mower easier to load or return to the upright position. The carrying handles are also suitable as lashing points, for example for securing the lawn mower with a strap during transport.


    EASY EMPTYING. Your lawn mower is equipped with a folding grass collection box to make emptying clippings very straightforward. The fill-level indicator signals the right time for emptying. An airstream ensures dense filling while mowing, so you can make optimum use of the full volume of the box. The slats on the side of the box direct the air towards the ground, which protects you from dirt being swirled up.

  • Flow-optimised blades
    Flow-optimised blades

    The flow-optimised blade trims the grass with minimal resistance, only swirling the air as much as absolutely necessary. As a result it consumes minimal battery capacity, which means that the stored energy is sufficient for the largest possible area.


    FOR OPTIMUM MOWER RESULTS. You can adjust the cutting height on your lawn mower easily and in several levels. A scale shows the current height. Central cut-height adjustment allows you to optimally adapt your mowing to the conditions of the lawn.

  • Polymer housing
    Polymer housing

    The housings of the STIHL battery-powered lawn mowers are made of a high-quality polymer material. This extremely lightweight polymer housing combines high resistance and robustness against forces, heat and UV radiation.

  • Smooth Running Wheels
    Smooth Running Wheels

    IMPROVE CONTROL. With robust and durable smooth-running wheels, you can keep track of your lawn mowing easily and effortlessly. Thanks to their traction and directional stability, these smooth-running wheels can be effortlessly manoeuvred to support careful and comfortable lawn maintenance.

  • Foldable handlebar
    Foldable handlebar

    Thanks to its foldable handlebar, the battery-powered lawn mower can be quickly and easily folded. This enables the STIHL lawn mower is be stored very compactly or moved to the next place of use

  • Eco mode
    Eco mode

    When eco mode is activated, the speed of the lawn mower motor is automatically adapted to the actually required power. As a result, the STIHL battery-powered lawn mower consumes very little energy and can cover a larger area before it needs to be recharged.

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