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BRZ Food - Picanha - Signature Rub - 350G


Spice up your Brazilian-style BBQ with this BRZ Picanha spice mix. Traditional Brazilian BBQ celebrates the flavour of the meat and only the finest cuts of steak make it to the grill. We have added just a few ingredients to elevate the taste of the meat even further. Our BRZ Picanha spice mix helps you wow a hungry crowd by delivering the following benefits:

  • Shrink the outer layer to promote searing
  • Seal in moisture for a tender centre for your best steak cuts
  • Elevate your BBQ to standards that would satisfy Brazilian steak lovers
  • Ideal for grilling meat and fish
  • Turns everyday pieces into flavourful treats
Product Details

Rocking Ingredients for Powerful Flavour
Traditionally, Brazilian BBQ aficionados only permit rock salt of their most savoury steaks. We enhanced the flavour with South American herbs and spices. This BRZ Picanha contains rock salt, onion, garlic and a few secret ingredients that make it so special. When you use on steak, chicken and fish, it adds Brazilian appeal to all your dishes.

How to BBQ a Steak Brazilian-Style
Rub BRZ Picanha on all surfaces of the meat. Pat the salt to ensure that it sticks. Let the steak rest for 15 minutes so the salt can penetrate the surface. Something magical happens as the salt breaks down the meat's cellular structure and the herbs and spices penetrate deep into the steak. When you grill it, a burst of flavours spreads throughout the cut and makes your taste buds happy with every bit.

We Recommend an Automatic Grinder

Put BRZ Picanha in a grinder to improve the taste of everyday meals. You can add spice to your veggies and potatoes without increasing your salt intake.

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