Which Weber® Q™ BBQ is right for you?

Compact, powerful and contemporary, the Weber® Q™ range of gas grills are the ultimate anytime barbecue!

Weber® Q™ BBQ - Choosing the right Q!

The Weber® Q™ BBQ Range is easily one of our favourite portable grills and has been loved through the ages. These grills are well-built, strong, contemporary and powerful. Weber® Q™ Range is the ultimate barbeque and can transform the simplest of food, into juicy and mouth-watering masterpieces. With Weber® Q™ accessories, you can transform your Weber® Q™ BBQ into a conventional oven.

Your Weber® Q™ BBQ will cook roasts with that famous Weber flavours like chicken, beef, pork, lamb and fish. How about cooking a perfect pizza, vegetables or breakfasts? In fact, it's so versatile that we can bake cakes, puddings, muffins just like in the oven.

Choosing the right Weber® bbq is all about understanding the differences across the range. To make it easy, we have put this comparison together for you to read over.

3 Reasons to get the Weber® Q™ BBQ Premium Range

Built-In Precision Thermometer

Built-In Precision Thermometer

Electronic Infinite Igniter

Electronic Infinite Igniter

Higher Dome Lid

Higher Dome Lid

Weber® Baby Q™ 1000 and Weber® Baby Q™ 1200 Premium

The Baby Weber Q 1000 has a heavy-duty push-button piezo igniter to get your bbq up and running. The 1200 is equipped with an electronic infinite ignitor. Another advantage with the 1200, is that it comes with the higher lid for cooking larger cuts of meat and a built-in thermometer so you can keep an eye on your cooking without opening the lid all the time.

Is the Baby Q portable?

Yes, it is portable.  It is the preferred size in the Weber range for caravan use and camping requirements and can cook for up to 6 people.  It is also great for balcony usage.

How economical is the Baby Q?

The Weber Baby Q is not only economical from a bbq entry-level cost point of view, it also uses the least gas across the whole Weber range.

Is the Baby Q limited in its range of cooking?

The Weber Baby Q is considered the “pocket rocket” of the range.  You can cook over 100 recipes in this versatile bbq. You can also check out this list of Weber recipes:

Do you need onsite gas to use the Baby Q?

No, you don’t.  If you have a 9kg gas bottle, you’re cooking with the Weber Baby Q.

What accessories would complement my Baby Q?

One of the most frequently purchased Weber accessories to complement the Weber Baby Q is the portable stand for greater portability. A Weber duffle bag carry case will help you to store and transport your bbq easily. Expand your cooking options with stainless steel grill baskets, reversible roast and rib holders, size specific frying pans and half hotplates.

How will I know how to cook on my Weber Baby Q when I get it home?

All Weber Q’s have and instructional video.  This will give tips when BBQing, roasting and baking in your Weber Q.  It also has some maintenance advice.

Weber® Baby Q™
Standard Range

Weber® Baby Q™
Premium Range

Weber® Q™ 2000 and Weber® Q™ 2200 Premium

Starting with the 2000, it too comes with a heavy-duty push-button piezo igniter, where the 2200 comes with the much easier to start, electronic infinite ignitor. The Premium 2200 has a durable cast aluminium high lid for cooking larger cuts of meat and a thermometer.

Is the Weber Q BBQ portable?

It is portable but it is just as popular as a backyard/patio permanent fixture.  It is incredibly versatile and can cater for up to 10 people. Location options are aplenty, with choice of a table, a foldable stand or the more permanent patio cart. For many people, this is their go-to cooking appliance most of the time.  It can live just outside the back door and can be a great alternative to stove or oven cooking.  A great way to keep the house cool in Summer.

What can I cook on my Weber Q?

There are over 100 recipes to choose from.  To check out our great Weber recipes, head over to here.

What accessories can add to my Weber Q experience?

Weber has thought of everything when it comes to enhancing your BBQing experience.  There are Weber Q specific product including portable and permanent stands, covers, hotplates and split grills, cleaning accessories and much more.  Head to the website for more information.

Weber® Q™
Q2000 Standard Range

Weber® Q™
Q2200 Premium Range

Weber® Family Q™ 3100 and Weber® Family Q™3200 Premium

With all the Weber Q Premium range, the Family Premium series differentiate themselves with an electronic infinite ignitor, higher domed lid and built-in thermometer. Ideally, this bbq is suited for people with large families and serious entertainers, as it can easily handle up to 10 people, it has 2 burners but it is the equivalent of a 4 burner bbq.  It also uses less than half the gas.  It can handle a 6kg roast turkey easily.

How will I know how to cook on my Weber Family Q when I get it home?

All Weber Q’s have an instructional video. This will give tips on BBQing, roasting and baking in your Weber Q. It also has some maintenance advice. The sky is the limit with recipes with the Weber Family Q.

Where do I purchase Weber accessories?

You can buy these from you Weber stockist.  If there is something specific you’re after and they don’t have it just ask, they can order it in.  Have a good look in store when you are there, there are many products that will add to your cooking experience and the maintenance of your Weber.

Therefore, choosing the right Weber Q BBQ is very important because you have a wide range of models in Weber Q Series. Shop the latest Weber Q Range- Baby Q, Q series, Family Q, Built-ins and accessories online or in-store with Heat & Grill in Melbourne.

Weber® Family Q™
Q3100 Standard Range

Weber® Family Q™
Q3200 Premium Range

Why is the Weber® Q™ BBQ Range so good?


Split Grills

Split Grills

No Rust Aluminium

No Rust Aluminium

Easy Clean Drip Tray

Easy Clean Drip Tray

Weber® Q™ BBQ Videos

For more great Weber BBQ videos, check out our Youtube channel here.

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