Shelta Umbrellas for the Outdoors!

We love the great outdoors and Shelta Australia provide a range of beautiful variations to complement any outdoor area.

Shelta Umbrella and The Great Outdoors!

As Australians, we love the great outdoors.  We love playing in it, socialising in it, entertaining in it and generally making the most of the good weather when we have the chance.

Sometimes it can get pretty hot pretty quickly so we have to consider our health and comfort and those around us and make a safe, pleasant area for everyone to enjoy.

A cost-effective, portable solution is a Shelta Umbrella.  We design a range of effective and beautiful umbrellas to complement any outdoor area.  They include a choice of cantilever and centre post designs.

Shelta umbrellas are made for the harsh Australian climate so they will last for years.  Shelta Australia is one of the most well-known and trusted shade brands in Australia and hey have a reputation for durability and longevity.

Shelta Umbrella Cantilever Range

The range includes the following variations: SAN REMO, REGIS, LYNDEN, SAVANNAH, PANDANNUS

If you’re looking for something bigger we also have the ASTA and LORAL in the cantilever range as well.

Shelta Umbrella
Pandannus 3.3m Cantilever 

Shelta Umbrella
Regis 3m Cantilever

Shelta Umbrella
Savannah 3.5m Cantilever

Shelta Umbrella Centrepost Range

Shelta Umbrella
RIO 270 Centrepost

Shelta Umbrella
Fairview 330 Centrepost

Shelta Umbrella
Samarkand 280 Centrepost

Shelta Accessories

Shelta Umbrella Bases

Shelta Australia has thought of everything, even the accessories to complement their extensive range of umbrellas.  They provide a choice of bases to secure your outdoor umbrella to.  The choices include steel, granite, concrete and plastic.

Umbrella Lighting

To make the outdoors even more enjoyable, Shelta Australia has designed a light that fits over their outdoor umbrella pole.  It clips onto the LED light bracket on all the cantilever products.  It also fits around the centre post of conventional umbrellas measuring 33.5mm – 50.8mm.

Easireach Covers

When you own a quality product you want to look after it.  Shelta make this possible with two choices of umbrella cover.

Easireach Cover Options

Standard - Waterproof, polyester, standard zip - Sizes (L x W at the bottom)

  • Small                                     180cm x 41cm
  • Medium                                208cm x 48cm
  • Large                                      242cm x 58cm

Heavy duty O’Bravia waterproof canvas - Heavy Duty Zip - Sizes (L x W at the bottom)

  • Small                                      163cm x 47cm
  • Medium                                190cm x 60cm
  • Large                                      222cm x 62cm
  • Extra Large                           280cm x 66cm
  • Small Cantilever                  210cm x 58cm
  • Large Cantilever                 255cm x 62cm
  • Extra Large Cantilever       280cm x 73cm


Shelta Accessories
Umbrella Bases

Shelta Accessories
Umbrella Lighting

Shelta Accessories
Easireach Umbrella Cover

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