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Shelta Coolum 300 Octagonal Umbrella

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Coolum Shade Umbrella

Coolum 300 Octagonal

Coolum is Shelta’s replacement for the iconic Shadezone premium aluminium umbrella. Coolum is particularly distinctive with its mirror finish anodized aluminium frame and quality aluminium, stainless steel and resin sittings. Tough O’braviaTM canvas confers long term durability and fade resistance. A double pulley cord makes opening easy.

Coolum 220 sq


Coolum 300 220
Shape shape shape
Area m2 6.7 m2 4.9 m2
Shaft 38mm 38mm
Frame Mirror finish anodised
Securing Base Concrete / Granite / Steel
Base Size M M
Dimensions 300cm 222cm
  240cm 240cm
  205cm 205cm


O’bravia™ UPF 50
(98% UV protection)
3 Year
  • O’bravia Solution Dyed Canvas
  • black
  • cobalt-blue
    Cobalt Blue
  • ecru_natural
    Ecru Natural
  • platinum
  • jockey-red
    Jockey Red
  • eggshell

Wind Tunnel Test

Please note: Wind tunnel tests were conducted at Monash University for research and development purposes.  Shelta Australia does notguarantee that featured umbrellas will withstand specific wind speeds. To avoid damage to the frame always close the umbrella in windy weather or when unattended. The tilting feature should be used with care and the canopy should be returned to horizontal if the umbrella is buffeted by gusts of wind.

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