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Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook Xmas Bundle

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Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook Xmas Bonus Offer*

For a limited time, you can grab this awesome Cookbook with your choice of Red or Black Carnivore rub and save!

Hardcore Carnivore Cookbook

Hardcore Carnivore is a protein-packed cookbook for meat lovers everywhere.

From slow smoked barbeque ribs to perfect cowboy steaks Jess Pryles’s recipes are meaty winners. Including an intro section on the tricks of the trade and a collection of foundations and finishes at the end, this book will have you cooking meat like a seasoned pro.

Australian by birth, Texan by choice, Jess Pryles is a professional Hardcore Carnivore and co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance. She’s a cook, author and food personality, with a particular penchant for steak and bourbon.

Hardcore Carnivore – BBQ Rub (Red or Black)

Hardcore Carnivore Black contains all the classics like salt, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, onion and a hint of chilli. It’s a flavour profile that’s neutral enough to work with a variety of different proteins. It can be used for pan and oven searing but best results are found when cooked over charcoal or open flame.

Hardcore Carnivore Red has the same understated yet delicious flavour profile as our Black product, but with a vivid all-natural red hue.


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