If you’re looking for a BBQ that can do it all and be the focal point in your outdoor area?, check out these fabulous Saffire grills. These grills are ideal for entertaining and outdoor fun at home.  They are spacious, portable products that are designed for fast, clean cooking and that rich BBQ taste. The Saffire can grill, bake & smoke, the options are endless.

Saffire grills are based on the Kamado style of BBQ which are powered by charcoal.  The Saffire ceramic Fire Box provides a great ember bed for expert BBQ chefs to cook food to perfection. Each grill includes a mobile cart and retractable bamboo slide shelves for easy handling. You will be on your way to perfectly seared steaks, succulent roasts, crispy pizzas & Beautiful low & slow smoked meats in no time!

Your new Saffire grill is an investment in great food. They’re a top quality lifestyle choice for any home. Click on the Saffire grill products and watch our video.

To find out more about our Saffire BBQs, simply contact us online. If you’d like, you can also drop into our Richmond showroom and check out our Saffire BBQs in person.

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